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About Julie D. Bruno Hollywood Florida psychologist and addiction specialist uses a therapeutic approach to mental health therapy.


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I provide a free 15-minute phone consultation to assess your current state and determine if I am the appropriate psychology therapist for you at the present time. If we determine that I am not the best match I will assist you in finding a therapist that is better suited to your current needs. Next, we will set up your first session (50 minutes), where we will both learn more about each other and come to a final decision about the effectiveness of our working relationship. Should we both move forward, I will spend the next three sessions learning about you and what has specifically brought you into therapy. During these sessions and throughout our working relationship you will also have an opportunity to ask me about how I practice, my basic philosophy and my approach to therapy. Please do not hesitate to question me or express your concerns about the direction of your therapy. You are the expert on “you.”

Contact me

You may contact me via email or telephone, 305-240-6157. I will return your call as soon as possible, although I cannot return calls when in session. If you are in crisis, or having an emergency you should go immediately to your nearest emergency room or call 911. I will return other calls within the same business day. If plan to be away from my practice for an extended period of time, I will leave an emergency contact of a trusted colleague. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you are not able to come to a session, you will be charged for the session, unless it is an emergency. If you fail to cancel an appointment after three “emergencies” within a calendar year you will be charged for the session. If you anticipate being late, please inform me by text or a phone call. Whether I may be able to extend our session to accommodate lateness depends on my schedule that day.


I accept out of network PPO insurance and straight Medicare; otherwise my practice is fee for service. Some of the advantages of opting out of using your insurance include: finding the therapist of your choice, protecting your privacy (past condition(s), prescription history and current diagnos(es)) and determining the length of your treatment. However, if you do choose to utilize your insurance benefits, I am vigilant in releasing the most basic information necessary.


During our initial consultation I will set a fee for your sessions. If you agree, you may either choose to pay in full by cash, credit card or check at the end of each session. If you will be accessing your insurance, my office will file all of your service dates as a courtesy. After you reach your deductible, your insurance carrier will pay what they deem is reasonable and customary for the service. It takes about four weeks to receive the first check once your deductible is met. Your insurance coverage will be discussed during your second session once my office has obtained your benefit profile. I understand that the wish to improve your life must be weighed against the financial commitment you will make. Forensic Consultation and Independent Medical Evaluation rates will differ, please call me for pricing information.
Psychological Assessments are calculated at the top tier hourly rate of $150.00. Sliding fees are possible. The average psychological assessment is approximately 8 hours. Forms of payment accepted: cash, check, credit card, SquareCash, Cash App and PayPal.